How Can You Increase Your Company's Revenue With Semalt SEO Agency?

Do you have the perfect product or offer the perfect service to your customers? Do you have an attractive website, but website visitors and resulting sales are still a long time coming? It's high time to opt for search engine optimization! 

To succeed on the Internet, an attractive website and a good product are no longer enough. Your company must also go where potential customers are. To do this, you need to use search engine optimization to target your audience. To make it easier for you, the SEO Personal Dashboard is at your fingertips and will provide you with the best SEO service you certainly need. 

So, how can you improve your own internet ranking?  The SEO Personal Dashboard can exactly take care of that task for your business. With this tool, you can ensure that your target group finds you online and receives the relevant information on your website that is necessary to make a buying decision. 

With the DSD, you can implement SEO, SEO checks, SEO consulting and SEO marketing for your website. All of this is aimed at ultimately improving your position in the search engines. With such a tool, you don't only focus on generating backlinks, but also on solving technical problems with websites, as well as specific On-Page optimization. 

In this article, we will present you the advantages you have by using the SEO Personal Dashboard and the best SEO coaching processes.

Before we begin, let's first try to understand what exactly the phrase "Search Engine Optimization" means.

What is search engine optimization?

Targeted search engine optimization aims to index the client's websites in the top ranks of Google. Indeed, it has been proven that the majority of Internet users only favour the first 10 sites that appear in the search engine.  They choose one of these sites to avoid a long search. It is therefore important to ensure that customer websites are positioned as quickly as possible in these rankings; ideally at the top. This makes it as easy to find new customers as it is to take care of existing ones, as almost everyone uses the Internet these days to search for data, services, or business products.

Moreover, some people are on the World Wide Web to keep up with the competition and increase their sales in the long run. Thus, when optimizing the website in question, the SEO expert not only improves the content of the previous page, but also does the off-page optimization. 

Indeed, in On-Page Optimization, the content of the previous page is adapted to Google's guidelines in order to improve the ranking.  On the other hand, with Off-Page Optimization, you ensure that a natural link is created, which also contributes to a better search engine ranking.

Now that you understand what SEO is all about, let's look at the benefits you get with the SEO Personal Dashboard.

The benefits of the DSD tool 

The SEO Personal Dashboard is created to help you adapt the SEO of your company's website to the language of search engines. This means that with the DSD tool, you can reach the top positions on search engines in order to receive more demand. Since the SEO Personal Dashboard allows you to do good marketing of targeted content and SEO optimized texts, using it allows you to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Your SEO can increase your sales
  • Doing SEO for less or even free
  • Getting sustainable rankings
  • Producing high-quality content
  • Increasing your reach
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Getting clearly measurable results
  • Benefiting from extensive and absolutely transparent tracking options
Furthermore, it is important to note that the SEO Personal Dashboard is an all-in-one tool. As such, it allows you to do all your SEO tasks in one place without having to use another tool. Also, you are saved from having to go through several subscriptions before finalizing your website optimization. As a result, you spend less while ensuring you get the best results.

Now that you have understood that in order to rank your website better on Google, you necessarily need the DSD tool, let's see together the best SEO coaching processes among many others to improve your SEO on Google or Bing in a faster and sustainable way. 

The SEO support process 

When it comes to search engine optimization, professionals like Semalt are guided by a fixed optimization concept to guarantee a high quality of work. Such services are based on processes developed by them in order to improve your ranking on Google and Bing as quickly as possible, but also sustainably. To do this, we share with you the phases of SEO support to follow:

PHASE 1: Analysis and keyword research

The first step is to analyze your most important keywords and determine the search volumes. This means that you use an SEO tool such as the DSD to determine the best and most interesting keywords for which your website should appear in the search results. 

Here, not only the selection of appropriate keywords, but also the evaluation of the search volume is particularly important. If, for example, a search term matches, but is rarely searched for by Internet users, then it is often not worth optimizing specifically for this term. Therefore, the SEO Personal Dashboard is the right tool for you to decide which keywords are optimized for SEO.

Although the keywords are well determined by the DSD tool, this is still only the beginning of the beginning. Let's see how the actual optimization begins.

PHASE 2: Start of the optimization work

After the SEO consultation and the determination of keywords for the start pages and subpages, the actual optimization work begins. Starting with technical SEO, all SEO factors are adjusted on the website itself (OnPage SEO). Then the external factors (OffPage SEO) are optimized as best as possible. This forms the basis for being considered for the top positions on Google and other search engines.

Just starting the optimization work is not the only sign that will guarantee you a better result. So, you still need to focus on the SEO evaluation. 

PHASE 3: Intermediate and post-optimization evaluation

With search engine optimization, periods should be created in which the focus is on SEO analysis and evaluation, instead of "stubborn" optimizations. Because when the first optimization measures show their effect, the whole ranking situation can change. 

For this purpose, we use useful tools such as the DSD for analysis. These changes must be analyzed and evaluated in order to choose the most appropriate follow-up measures. Then the post-optimization and often the re-adjustment of the OnPage factors begins.

Now that we have already undergone the evaluation and started post-optimization, we should be able to create better quality SEO content.

PHASE 4: Creating high-quality SEO content

After completing the previous SEO optimizations, most websites now have a significantly higher number of relevant rankings and thus an increased volume of inquiries. If you want to go further and especially develop new keywords, you can book the creation of quality SEO copy with a professional agency like Semalt. 

At Semalt, our experts will help you create texts, tables, and PDF documents that are relevant to your services and are grouped together in a search engine optimized (sub)page. We would like to remind you again that the DSD tool is indispensable for developing new keywords.

Although your SEO content is of high quality, you must also individualize your SEO concept.

PHASE 5: Individualization of your SEO concept

If you would like Semalt to support you in the SEO process, we will increasingly adapt our SEO concept to your personal SEO needs and website content. You can obtain further information from our SEO consultants at any time without obligation. 

We'll help you with a transparent evaluation of your SEO costs and the possible increase in sales through search engine optimization. 

Thus, with regular follow-up and a unique work style, you will be sure to stand out from the competition and especially to grow your online business. In addition, the SEO Personal Dashboard is designed to guide you through the entire SEO process by providing you with the best information you certainly need to stand out and reach the top of the search engines. 


In this guide, we have just seen more clearly how you can undoubtedly increase the revenue of your business by using the SEO Personal Dashboard. Indeed, this tool somehow ensures the best functioning and good online tracking of your business for profit. So you understand how important the DSD tool is in the SEO of your website. 

With the help of this tool, you can retain and get more customers on your site by offering them better SEO services. Moreover, you can also earn enough money by becoming a member of the Semalt Partner Program.

Do you want to be found when customers search for your services? Refer to our team of experts in this field. 

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